BALI – Pejarakan: restoring mangroves

Background & challenges

The village of Pejarakan relies heavily on its marine ecosystem and natural coastal resources to meet its everyday needs.

Traditional and destructive fishing methods plus the disappearance of mangroves have led to serious biodiversity decline. Heavy rainfall during the wet season on land stripped bare between two crops has also resulted in vast quantities of sediment being deposited in the lagoons; which in turn prevents coral reef renewal.

The standard of living within the local community and its ability to withstand instabilities is being undermined.

The project has two action plans:

  • Conservation and restoration of particularly important mangroves to protect coastal areas and biodiversity;
  • Implementing a management plan for plastic waste to tackle critical pollution in this area.

In addition to these two plans, another two, which have already received funding, consist of planting trees on cultivated plots to avoid soil erosion and using ‘biorock’ technology to speed up coral reef restoration.

Project type

Restoring mangroves



Mangroves: the community association Putri Menjangan, i.e. around 120 members, of which one third are women

Waste management: an association bringing together different groups working to protect the local environment

Number of trees

5,000 mangroves


Species planted

A wide range of mangrove species to ensure resistance to disease and hurricanes: stilted mangrove, loop-root mangrove, tall-stilt mangrove, yellow mangrove, tengar, and oriental mangrove


PUR Projet

© PUR Projet

Works timeline

  • 2018: preparing nursery seedlings
  • February 2019: planting starts
  • May 2019: monitoring seedlings as they take root
  • Cleaning the beach every week to reduce the risk of plastic suffocating the mangroves
  • Autumn 2019, then 2020, then 2021: technical monitoring of the plantation and mangrove health


PUR Projet is a social business working to regenerate the ecosystems we depend on. This action helps strengthen the value chains of companies and improve the quality of life for local communities. PUR Project runs environmental and social projects delivering positive impacts in a myriad of agricultural segments, both animal and plant, in over 40 countries worldwide.


The total sum to be raised amounts to €15,667 for the two action plans: planting the 5,000 mangroves and tackling plastic waste. The overall cost of a lasting mangrove planted is €3.13.

Large companies cover the financing for other action plans – agroforestery and coral reef restauration – within the project.


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