Agroecology in Madagascar, project Mahavotra

Plant stable trees
for a donation of 8.7

1 stable tree: 1.74

Objective: 108000 stable trees amounting to 187920

already funded: 14209 trees


In the sensitive region of Lake Itasy, the Mahavotra project is helping 700 farming families shift towards agroecological practices and introducing forestry and agroforestry systems. Together, let’s plant 108,000 trees on 209 hectares!

Up to 66% of donations to A TREE FOR YOU are tax deductible from your taxable income, to a limit of 20% of the taxable income, if you are a tax resident of France.

For example, after tax deductions:

  • a €10 donation costs you €4
  • a €30 donation costs you €2
  • a €50 donation costs you €17

If you are subject to the French real estate wealth tax (impôt sur la fortune immobilière, IFI), 75% of donations to A TREE FOR YOU are deductible to a maximum of €50,000, i.e. a €66,667 donation.

A TREE FOR YOU will email you the tax receipt for the full year of donations at the start of the following calendar year. A TREE FOR YOU can only send this receipt if the postal details of your tax residence are fully completed in your user space.

Agrisud International favorise la création et le renforcement de très petites entreprises (TPE) agricoles familiales, bien ancrées sur le marché local. Ces TPE familiales participent, en développant des systèmes agroécologiques, à la restauration et à la préservation des agroécosystèmes fortement menacés par la dégradation des sols et des ressources productives.

Operated by : Agrisud International
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  • Operated by:apaf

    In this small village of 600 inhabitants, the soil is extremely degraded and so largely infertile for subsistence crops (taros, yams…). The villagers also lack fuelwood and lumber. Together let’s plant trees to provide the villagers with food and wood, and to protect the gallery forest of the river Zio.

    1 stable tree: 0.3

    Objective: 16666 stable trees amounting to 5000

    already funded: 734 trees


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